E46 M3 Fuel Pump Replacement

My fuel pump in the new #12 Hi-Speed x TC Design E46 M3 racecar was transferred over from the crashed original E46 M3. The pump actually broke apart into several different pieces in the impact, but I was able to put it back together with no visible damage. It was just the plastic pieces that were knocked out of place, or so it seemed. While we had no performance issues with the fuel pump, it was making a louder than usual whine along with not displaying the accurate amount of fuel on the gas gauge. Both of which are unnerving while driving on track wondering if the pump will fail during a race, or if I even have any fuel left.

We run a dual fuel pump setup on the E36 and E46 racecars because of the saddle tank design. The g-forces with aero and some grippy Hoosiers means that often all of the fuel will slosh to one side of the saddle tank through a turn. Cars often experience fuel starvation despite having half a tank of fuel which is a solid 8 gallons. With the dual fuel pump setup, there is a fuel pickup on each side of the saddle and it prevents fuel starvation through the turns. We can run the tank down to less than 1/4 with no fuel starvation issues.

A fuel pump can start to fail for a myriad of reasons. Often age is a factor in these cars that are still on OEM pumps. A failing fuel pump often has a much louder whine than usual when it is pumping fuel. If it gets really bad, it might even sound like the groan of a dying animal. Pumps can overheat and get burnt out if they are being run with no fuel in the system. The end result will be the same where your car will no longer start. Remember the three things you need are: Fuel, Spark, and Air.

The process for changing out your fuel pump is very straightforward and you can DIY it at home in about 30 minutes.

Check it out in the video above and don’t forget to subscribe! This is the first video with the new #12 but you’ll get to see more of it this year!

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