During Tian’s SpecE30 race at VIR, he went to shift from 4th to 5th on the front straight and his OEM shifter snapped off! While he managed to do a paddock repair to get him through the weekend, we decided to do some upgrades on his car so he would be ready to rock for the next race.

AKG Motorsports has been a sponsor of my racing endeavors since my E36 M3 back in 2017. They have continued their support on my E46 M3 and we run essentially the entire catalog of offerings for the E46 on my car.


I’ve always loved the quality of the parts from this company so I thought it best to grab some of their Made in USA parts for the SE30. We ordered the Stage II shifter and DSSR to go with it. Check out our unboxing and install video for action from Tian’s race and to see how easy it is to install the new shifter.

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