Hugh’s #23 E46 M3 and my #12 E46 M3 were accepted into Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Ultimate Track Car Challenge. There were a total of 55 cars that were accepted, all to compete for the title of Ultimate Track Car. An assortment of different types of cars were signed up. There were Corvettes, Vipers, BMWs, etc.

Our entry to Ultimate Track Car Challenge is sponsored by Skip Barber Racing. Hugh and I both instruct for Skip Barber Racing School. We instruct at the 3 Day Race school, 2 Day Advanced Race School, and 1 Day Teen Driving School.

UTCC is hosted by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine every year in conjunction with NASA MA’s Hyperfest. It is a three day weekend full of motorsports fun at Virginia International Raceway. The UTCC format follows NASA Time Trial rules which is similar to time attack. Competitors don’t race each other for position, but rather race the clock for the best overall fastest lap time.

We kicked off the event on Thursday night with GRM’s annual on track photoshoot. I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the on track shoot. This was extra special to me since I’ve always helped officiate this event, and watched many of my favorite race cars get photographed by Flim Flam. Our annual tradition was to ride in the photography truck together. This year was a little different since I would be in the car. We have tons of incredible photos on track during golden hour with the sun setting in the background.

Photo by Tian Xia
Photo by Tian Xia

It was a scorcher on Friday, which meant that our tires were cooking within a few laps. The first session which was a warm up didn’t counted, but that would have been the money session to throw down some fast laps for the day. The hot ambient temps saw us have some higher than normal water temps. My AiM dash is set to give me a red light warning at 200F and then a second warning at 212F to cool down or shut off the car.

My best for the day was a 2.01, Hugh’s best was a 2.00. Hugh finished 12th overall and I finished 14th.   

We gathered some good data from both cars. There are some changes to be made before we come back to VIR for the SCCA Runoffs.

My car won the Spa Technique Safety award thanks to the beautifully built Hi-Speed Motorsports cage. The judges were thoroughly impressed with the quality and attention to detail on this build. Thanks to Spa for being a part of this event!

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